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A&E Communication Passport

Developed by Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

This Communication Passport uses Widgit symbols and is for use with Accident and Emergency. It contains three sections:

  • Things you must know about me (Red)
  • Things important to me (Amber)
  • My likes and dislikes (Green)


The passport was developed by Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust because there were no tools for A&E staff to use to support patients with learning disabilities to receive individual care. Often these patients have complex needs and are frequently overlooked and it was thought this form would both help the nurse/doctor caring for the patient and the patient to get the right and best care available.

Using Widgit Symbols as well as words allows this document to be understood by a variety of people in a non patronising manner. This document should be kept in an ALERT box in A&E so that if that patient was to return in the future these records would be easily accessible as required and updated as necessary.

Red page      Amber page

Red page      Amber page



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