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Immunisation Information

A simple step by step explanation of what will happen when a child receives an immunisation by injection or immunisation by nasal spray.

Developed with Ann Poll - Team Lead CNCLD Buckinghamshire NHS Healthcare Trust

Easy read sheets

 Going to the Doctors

A new easy read document preparing patients for a visit to the doctors, developed in partnership with Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust.

Easy read sheets

 New medical boards from the PPCN
(New Polish version available)

A communication board developed in partnership with The Patient Provider Communication Network, to help provide an easy-to-use and readily available resource for patients with communication vulnerabilities facing medical interactions.

Medical Encounter Board

New free materials in Maltese

 Maltese versions of the Child Daycase Materials, translated by Veronica Montanaro.

International Downloads

 Supporting children having a tracheostomy

A resource designed for children, young people and their families to help them understand the process of having a tracheostomy. Developed in association with Liz Clements, Speech and Language Therapist, Community Children's Health Partnership, North Bristol NHS Trust.

Having a Tracheostomy

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Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have developed a set of materials to help patients understand the procedures, sequence of events and people associated with a visit to hospital.

Hospital Procedures Pack

 21 new PDFs for patients

For hospital visits, blood tests, healthy living, kidney stones, tests, healthy teeth and much more...

Patient easy read symbol sheets

 New durable patient communication board

A robust double-sided communication board to support patients communicating in hospital and care.

Patient Communication Board

 Supporting foreign patients in hospital

26 key phrases for patients supported by symbols now in 28 languages. New languages include Danish...

Bedside Messages

DanskbasenNew free materials in Danish

 Danish versions of the Child Daycase Materials, translated by Simon Vaaben, www.danskbasen.dk

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 Free Diabetes advice resources

Newly updated versions of the Diabetes Alphabet Strategy in both symbols and text.

Diabetes ABC Sheets

Create your own symbol materials...

Create your own materials with Widgit Symbols, specifically designed for use in healthcare settings. These symbols are an add-on for the following Widgit software:

Communicate: In Print - Symbol Desktop Publisher

SymWriter - Symbol Word Processor

Widgit Health Symbols 2013

Communication Passport for A&E

 Updated for 2013. This ever popular free resource is available in 9 different languages: English, Czech, Danish, German, Karen (Myanmar), Norwegian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak.

It is available as a PDF that can be filled in on screen or by hand once printed.

A&E Communication Passport

New free resource to explain dental xrays

 Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust have developed a set of materials to help patients with learning difficulties understand the procedures, equipment and sequence of events associated with having a dental xray.

My Dental Xray

AuxiliaNew free materials in Karen (Myanmar)

 Karen versions of the A&E Communication Passport, Child Daycase Materials and Bedside Messages translated by Ms. Sunday Moo, Akron Children's Hospital. www.akronchildrens.org

International Downloads

AuxiliaNew free materials in Italian

 Italian versions of the Child Daycase Materials,
translated by Auxilia, www.auxilia.it

International Downloads

NormediaNew free materials in Norwegian

 Norwegian versions of the A&E passport and Child Daycase Materials, translated by NorMedia AS, www.normedia.no

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New free materials in German


 German versions of the A&E passport and Child Daycase Materials, translated by Dr. Julius Deutsch, Kommhelp e.V. www.kommhelp.de

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FREE dual-language symbol boards for paramedics and school nurses

We have been working with Speak Unlimited Inc to create free symbol boards for paramedics and school nurses. The boards are available in British English and dual-language American / Spanish.

Paramedic & EMS Board

School Nurse Board

FREE resources in different languages

 Some of our downloadable resources are now available in Czech, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Slovak.

International Downloads

 Explain hospital eye tests

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust have developed a simple step-by-step explanation of what will happen when your child attends an eye clinic appointment at a hospital.

My First Eye Test at the Hospital

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