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An explanation of the project and the symbols

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Diabetes Symbol Resources (new 2013 version)

Widgit Symbols designed to support the Alphabet Strategy Diabetes Sheets

The Diabetes Symbol Resources include simple text and symbol supported versions of the Alphabet Strategy Diabetes Sheets.


People living with diabetes need to learn how to manage their diabetes and much education involves the use of materials which require literacy. The use of symbols has found to be effective, particularly for those with learning, literacy or language difficulties. There are people with diabetes in all these groups. We have developed symbols for concepts and words related to diabetes, in order that diabetes materials might be presented using symbols, for the benefit of people who live with diabetes but have difficulties in reading.

The materials comprise laminated A4 sheets each covering specific diabetes issues related to the letters of the alphabet A to G. For example, for A the issue is advice, for B it is blood pressure, for F it is feet.

The symbols were developed in partnership with Warwick University, Warwick Diabetes Care Research User Group and the George Eliot Diabetes Care Team. The Alphabet Strategy was originally devised by the George Eliot Diabetes Care Team

Diabetes Symbols

The project developed new symbols to support talking about Diabetes and healthy living.

diabetes symbols

Diabetes Symbols

A set of sheets in to introcuce the issues of Diabetes. Each sheet come in a text version and symbol supported version.

The topics covered are:

Blood pressure
Diabetes control
Guardian Drugs   


Advice symbol card

Advice textcard

Blood pressure symbol card

Blood pressure text card

Cholesterol symbol card

Cholesterol text card

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