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My Medication Review

Talking to your doctor about your medicines


This symbol supported booklet is designed to help patients prepare for their medication review or annual health check with their doctor and to help them think about whether there is anything about their current medication that they may wish to discuss or are having difficulties with. Using the booklet before visiting the doctor means patients are less likely to forget to mention any issues to their doctor.

The booklet has been developed by West Hampshire CCG in conjunction with Marta Coates ( Strategic Health Facilitator for North Hampshire Learning Disability Team, Southern Health FT), Dr Clare Mander (AHP Professional Lead and Clinical Lead Accessible Information, Solent NHS Trust) and was co-produced with people with a learning disability and their carers.

Using Widgit Symbols as well as words allows this document to be understood by a variety of people in a non patronising manner.

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Red page      Amber page



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