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Widgit Health Symbols

Create your own materials with Widgit Symbols, specifically designed for use in healthcare settings.

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Symbol Development:

This project was developed by Widgit Software in partnership with medical professionals.

Special thanks to South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, Warwickshire Integrated Disability Service, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The aim of the project was to develop symbols to enhance understanding in healthcare settings for children, patients with learning difficulties or autism, and people who have English as an additional language.

The symbols cover the following topics:


  • General Vocabulary
    Responses and Waiting, Time and Date, People, Hygiene and Protection, Food, Emotions.
  • Body and Organs
    Body Parts, Organs
  • Health Issues
    Health, Pain and Numbness, Injury, Ilness and Allergy, Heart and Lung, Conditions and Medical Problems, Skin, Digestive System, Hands and Feet, Eyes, Sleep.
  • First Aid
    First Aid, Recovery Position, CPR
  • Hospital
    In Hospital, Documetns, Medical Professionals, Places
  • Assessment
    General Assessment, Specific Assessment
  • Treatment and Aids
    Medication, About Medicine, General Treatment, Specific Treatment, Aids and Mobility
  • X-Ray
    X-Rays and Casts
  • Dental
    Teeth, Mouth and Dentistry, Dental X-Ray
  • Tracheostomy
    Tracheostomy and Stoma
  • Babies and Family Planning
    Puberty and Menstration, Sexual Health, Genitalia and Sex Organs, Contraception, Pregnancy and Birth, Babies, Baby's Health
  • Substance Misuse
    Drug Types, Alcohol, Substance Misuse


  • Relationships and Problems
  • Behaviour
  • Thoughts and Compulsions
    Thoughts, Passivity Insertion and Withdrawal, Anxiety, Compulsions
  • Mood
    Depression, Hypomania
  • Risk Assessment and Self Harm
    Abuse Risk Assessment, Suicide and Self Harm
  • Hallucinations
    Visual Hallucinations, Auditory Hallucinations, Perceptual Disorders, Delusions
  • Law



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