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Who symbols can help

In the UK there are 10.9 million people registered with a disability (1)

2.1 million people are registered with a communication disability (1)

21 million people in the UK have at least one allergy (2)

There are more than 700 million prescriptions dispensed per year in
England (3)


There are millions of people who have a communication need or disability in the UK. Widgit Health aims to assist them, but these aren’t the only people who would benefit from a Communication Friendly Health Service.

"I'm probably Widgit's biggest fan! I call it my 'first language' I'm 29 and have Autism. I was diagnosed age 3 and couldn’t talk a word till I was 5 and not much I said made sense till I was 7-8. Photo cards then Widgit symbols were how I communicated. And as I got older they were used to reinforce things, help me communicate and also understand language better. Now, I still use Widgit every day. I couldn’t live without Widgit. I have a voluntary work placement and my desk is covered in them reminding me what to do and so I can express my feelings better when I am anxious or excited... Widgit changed my life and helps me every day."


There are many situations where people are unable to communicate effectively due to injury, illness or stress. They may have a preexisting condition or, as in the case of a stroke, have developed a communication difficulty as part of the medical emergency.

Children who don’t have the necessary vocabulary can use symbols as a way to communicate their medical needs. People who have English as a second language can use symbols to communicate more fluently on medical topics.

It is in these circumstances of great stress and worry, where clear and effective communication is needed most to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment. Widgit Health aims to increase accuracy and speed of diagnosis, communicate treatment effectively and thereby improve patient outcomes.

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