Easy read and communication support for healthcare and medical professionals

Who uses Widgit Health

Widgit Health products are developed in partnership with community and healthcare professionals to help ensure that the right support is available for everyone.

We have a growing range which can be used by many different people in a variety of settings.


Healthcare Professionals

Widgit Health products have all been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to meet the needs of the modern health services. There are always research projects underway to develop new solutions to assist patients and professionals.

"Being able to reassure and calm someone in an emergency situation is key to my role as a Community First Responder. To be able to do this, I need to communicate well and with confidence. Therefore, I welcome the Widgit Medical Communication Aids, as they make me more confident that I can bring calm and reassurance in the widest range of situations."

A Community First Responder


Everyone should take some basic steps to safeguard themselves in the event of an emergency. ICE Communication Cards are a simple, cost-effective way to help prepare yourself for the unexpected.


We are working on a number of resources for the home to help carers of people with communication difficulties diagnose their illness and pain. We also work to support understanding of the treatment process to minimise the distress people can face in these situations.


Organisations have a duty of care to the public and their service users. With 1 in 30 of the population having a communication disability and 1 in 6 having a disability of some kind it is important that organisations consider whether they are meeting their obligations.(1)


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